Episode one



Colleen was fired from her job, via a text message sent at 12:37am on a Thursday night.

Boss: Thanks your time with our company but your services are no longer needed. :/ 

        Colleen: lol :) 

She thought it was a joke... it wasn't. She'll miss the fridge stocked with pamplemousse (that's french for grapefruit) LaCroix, but not the creepy account guy who once asked if he could touch her hair. She moved to Chicago about a year ago for the position and is now feeling lost and lonely in a city she barely knows. In the middle of a "quarter-ish life" crisis she's distracted, awkward and clueless on what she'd like her life to look like. Now, this thirty-something must pick herself up and figure some shit out. She takes a part-time job walking dogs, this turns to be a great way to find some footing at this weird time. 



Episode 2



A Bookings study found that almost half of all disadvantaged children are not school ready by age five; kids aren't arriving to school with basic math and reading skills.  There are many factors for this, one reason is what's called a "word gap". Higher income kids get read too more often and are exposed to more words in books, songs and conversation. Poor kids are not and this affects literacy. Wayne gives Colleen a heads up about Sit Stay Read and she spends some time the volunteers and their dogs. SSR is Chicago-based non profit that goes into some of the cities public schools with dogs and helps kids practice their reading skills. Colleen also goes to and bombs at a job interview. She was asked to take a typing test on a TYPEWRITER! WTF?! You can see the test below. Her boss Wayne also is trying to play a bit of matchmatcher.....which is sort of humiliating but maybe it's just what she needs. 

Second grader Robert writes and reads a story to volunteers Sandy Virtue and Spinny. 

Second grader Robert writes and reads a story to volunteers Sandy Virtue and Spinny. 


Colleen's Typing Test

Episode 3



Yoga is for everyone including dogs. Photographer Dan Borris talks to Colleen from his home in Mexico about Yoga Dogs, calendars and books of dogs, puppies and cats in various yoga poses.
How does he do it? 

Also, there's lots of new stuff going on with Colleen....a possible love interest, The Monster Mash, and it's looking like she's starting to move her life along in a more positive direction, sort of, maybe. 


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Episode 4


What is it they say?.... "necessity is the mother of invention"

Colleen is in need of some cash, like yesterday.  In this episode she finds her entrepreneurial spirit and that necessity might be the mother of get rick quick schemes. 

Looking for more advice from those in the trenches Colleen talks to her friend James about his experience. He explains his own attempt to make Penny Ethel, a pointer mix,  more popular on Instagram. With only a little over 300 followers he thinks she has peaked and her star just doesn't burn bright enough. At this moment Colleen only has 46 Instagram followers on her personal page so Penny isn't doing too bad. 

After talking with James she give Scott Polk a call. He's a social media expert, and CEO of Marketing Nomads, he says making your dog famous on social media is only sometimes organic. most of the time it lots of hard work. 

 Will attempting to find dog fame give Colleen some direction in her life? 

Penny Ethel. Follow her here. 

Penny Ethel. Follow her here

  henry. follow him here


henry. follow him here

Episode 5


Colleen talks with a couple of humans behind two very famous Instagram dogs, Manny of Manny the Frenchie and Tuna from Tuna Melts My Heart. She also gets some sound advice from her mom, and maybe... just maybe  by the end of episode  Colleen begins to make some personal strides. You'll have to listen to find out how.... 

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Episode six



Podcast/website listeners you're in for a real treat. This episode you fIiinnnnnally get to hear Colleen sing some Karaoke. It's glorious, you're welcome. 

If you have any more song requests for Colleen please leave a message at 312-775-2336. Srsly, someone please leave a voicemail. We've yet to get one and it would make us really really happy, it can be about ANYTHING. 

Her friend James (dog dad to Penny_Ethel( Ep. 4)) is also back this episode giving some IG (that short of Instagram) advice. She also talks with Cody Melcher a Chicago podcast host, comic and storyteller about how important his childhood dog, boo has been to his life. We also hear from Wayne.... gotta love Wayne and Louie. C.K guy is back. If you have not idea what any of that means, start listening at episode 1. 

 If you're into books and funny check out Cody's podcast Tomefoolery



Episode seven


This (see photo below) is what  Colleen is told by Carol, a dog intuitive reader is Henry's favorite thing to do. That's Henry with his head in his food bowl. She didn't need a dog psychic to tell her that.... but Carol did share some other surprising insights about Henry. If you are interested in having someone communicate with your pet, contact Carol here



Henry currently has 41 followers on his Instagram account, Henryloveschicago. He for the first time has more followers then folks he's following. Progress. Right? And as mentioned in the podcast ep. 7 Colleen's date "the Louie C.K guy" made it pretty clear at the wedding he's an avid climate change denier. This is unforntuate even the Pope says climate change is real. For more information and some really fun listening check out this fun podcast/audio series Yale's Climate Connection series. It's smart. 


Episode eight




Well, my dear dear listeners, you've made it the final episode in season one. Congratulations. This has been one of my most fun storytelling, audio, podcast project I've ever worked on. I really really appreciate all of those who have listened and commented and shared. We will be back in early Fall with season 2. There is already so much plan I can't wait to start working on it. As always please contact us with any questions, ideas or thoughts. 

Below is a video that made me laugh, I thought I'd share. P.S. She chooses the cat over the dog... hisssss.
That said, it's still pretty hilarious.