Episode one 




Colleen was fired from her job, via a text message sent at 12:37am on a Thursday night.

Boss: Thanks your time with our company but your services are no longer needed. :/ 

        Colleen: lol :) 

She thought it was a joke... it wasn't. She'll miss the fridge stocked with pamplemousse (that's french for grapefruit) LaCroix, but not the creepy account guy who once asked if he could touch her hair. She moved to Chicago about a year ago for the position and is now feeling lost and lonely in a city she barely knows. In the middle of a "quarter-ish life" crisis she's distracted, awkward and clueless on what she'd like her life to look like. Now, this thirty-something must pick herself up and figure some shit out. She takes a part-time job walking dogs, this turns to be a great way to find some footing at this weird time.