Episode seven



This (see photo below) is what  Colleen is told by Carol, a dog intuitive reader is Henry's favorite thing to do. That's Henry with his head in his food bowl. She didn't need a dog psychic to tell her that.... but Carol did share some other surprising insights about Henry. If you are interested in having someone communicate with your pet, contact Carol here



Henry currently has 41 followers on his Instagram account, Henryloveschicago. He for the first time has more followers then folks he's following. Progress. Right? And as mentioned in the podcast ep. 7 Colleen's date "the Louie C.K guy" made it pretty clear at the wedding he's an avid climate change denier. This is unforntuate even the Pope says climate change is real. For more information and some really fun listening check out this fun podcast/audio series Yale's Climate Connection series. It's smart.