Episode six



Podcast/website listeners you're in for a real treat. This episode you fIiinnnnnally get to hear Colleen sing some Karaoke. It's glorious, you're welcome. 

If you have any more song requests for Colleen please leave a message at 312-775-2336. Srsly, someone please leave a voicemail. We've yet to get one and it would make us really really happy, it can be about ANYTHING. 

Her friend James (dog dad to Penny_Ethel( Ep. 4)) is also back this episode giving some IG (that short of Instagram) advice. She also talks with Cody Melcher a Chicago podcast host, comic and storyteller about how important his childhood dog, boo has been to his life. We also hear from Wayne.... gotta love Wayne and Louie. C.K guy is back. If you have not idea what any of that means, start listening at episode 1. 

 If you're into books and funny check out Cody's podcast Tomefoolery