Episode 4


What is it they say?.... "necessity is the mother of invention"

Colleen is in need of some cash, like yesterday.  In this episode she finds her entrepreneurial spirit and that necessity might be the mother of get rick quick schemes. 

Looking for more advice from those in the trenches Colleen talks to her friend James about his experience. He explains his own attempt to make Penny Ethel, a pointer mix,  more popular on Instagram. With only a little over 300 followers he thinks she has peaked and her star just doesn't burn bright enough. At this moment Colleen only has 46 Instagram followers on her personal page so Penny isn't doing too bad. 

After talking with James she give Scott Polk a call. He's a social media expert, and CEO of Marketing Nomads, he says making your dog famous on social media is only sometimes organic. most of the time it lots of hard work. 

 Will attempting to find dog fame give Colleen some direction in her life? 

Penny Ethel. Follow her here. 

Penny Ethel. Follow her here

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henry. follow him here